We bring clarity to the written word.

We bring clarity to the written word.

We bring clarity to the written word.We bring clarity to the written word.

Author Guidelines


Are you ready to hire Savvy Communication to edit your book? If so, be sure to format your work using the guidelines below. Do not try to lay out your manuscript to look like a book. Book layout and design come after editing.


1. Use spell check and grammar check. Every error you catch is one less you have to pay us to find.

2. Put all text in 12-point Times New Roman. To select all text in your manuscript, simultaneously hit CTRL and A.

3. Double-space the entire document. Use one-inch margins on all sides.

4. Use a ragged right margin.

5. Create standard paragraph indents using settings on the ruler. Do not create an indent by clicking the tab key or hitting the space bar multiple times.

6. Do not insert a line between paragraphs.

7. Use one space after periods and all other terminating punctuation. If you've typed your manuscript with two spaces between sentences, open the find-and-replace tool (hit CTRL and H), place the cursor in the "find" box and hit the space bar twice, move the cursor to the "replace" box and hit the space bar once. Click on "replace all."

8. Number the pages using the page-numbering tool.

9. Do not use all caps or underlines for headers and subheadings. Simply bold the text.

10. Start each chapter on a new page. Insert a page break to do this; do not hit the enter key multiple times to move to a new page.

11. Save your document as a .doc or .docx file.

12. Submit your whole manuscript for editing: title page, table of contents (page numbers are added later), acknowledgements, captions for photos, bibliography, author bio, etc. Do not send the document piecemeal.


There is no need to include copyright notification. Under copyright law, your work is copyrighted at the moment of creation. We know this and respect your rights. You can submit your work electronically to Savvy Communication (info@Savvy-Comm.com or SusanLindsey@Savvy-Comm.com) or set up a meeting to submit your work in person.